About Us

CTech is a solution provider in information technologies that has brought together specialists with profound experience and qualified infrastructure in the areas of;

  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Satellite Communication
  • Network Packet Processing and Cyber Defense
  • Video Streaming
  • Enterprise Network and Security Solutions

These areas of expertise hinge upon three elements: know-how, software capabilities and hardware capabilities. The fundamental abilities of a system are determined by the hardware whose limits of operation cannot be easily altered. Once the hardware of a complex system is fixed, the system performance can be improved only through proper application of know-how.

The incentive of the company is to provide products and expertise for enterprise level system integration as well as R&D projects in defense, telecommunications and corporate level solution domains.

Our vision is to be a high profile national solution provider as well as a good partner for international market. Highest quality and technology comprises the basis of our values.

Products and Services

Our product portfolio has the following items and solutions;

  • NATO STANAG 4606 compliant frequency hopping X-band satellite modem
  • HLA compliant Air Defense Modeling and Simulation Software
  • Video streaming system over wireless channels such as 3G/4G, WiFi, etc.
  • Deep packet inspection and lawful interception solutions over high throughput IP backbones
  • For monitoring and cyber defense applications
  • Radar signal generator simulator
  • Radar cross-section (RCS) modeling, prediction and analysis software

In harmony with our infrastructure and capabilities, CTech has been serving as system integrator for various cutting-edge enterprise network and security systems such as;

  • Design, integration and deployment of centralized and managed network security system for Turkish cable internet provider
  • Design and integration of fully connected IP based network and communication infrastructure for corporate headquarters
  • Design and integration of video surveillance system for police department