Our Capabilities


Current infrastructure of the company lends itself to the conceptual design and specification of network-centric systems. CTech has resources and capabilities in;

  • Custom embedded systems design, development and testing.
  • Enterprise software design, development, testing and deployment

compliant with well-accepted international quality and configuration management standards like ISO 9001:2000, IEEE 12207, MIL-STD 973 and CMMI.

Our embedded system capabilities lend it to;

  • Signal processing for modulation-demodulation, coding-decoding and other applications for di_erent various domains such as data, video, audio etc.
  • Embedded software development in compliance with ISO IEC 12207 software development life cycle
  • Analog circuit design, DSP and FPGA based digital systems development as well as IF/RF design in compliance with EMC/EMI standards

with an infrastructure of spectrum, network and logic analyzers, development environment for di_erent DSP and FPGA implementations, all-signal generators and bit error rate analyzers.

Our software system capabilities provide us with;

  • Software requirements analysis, design, testing in long-run development paradigms (waterfall,evolutionary, incremental, spiral) as well as in agile approach
  • Object oriented, procedural and logical software design and coding
  • Design and development for real-time, parallel, distributed and web based applications
  • Cooperative software life-cycle realization with remote partners

Those capabilities are utilized in system level R&D studies and integration projects. Our human resource and infrastructure organizations as well as quality and configuration management processes are systematized in a service based and matrix structure in such a way that allow to have both embedded and software capabilities in the same application.