PREDYKOT will provide an innovative, modular and consistent eco-system of software modules to dynamically refine a security policy and to ensure that it remains efficient whatever changes occur to it: administrative, contextual etc.

PREDYKOT intends to shift the focus of security policy management from basic operational improvements to critical intelligence for business process improvement. Intelligent mechanisms are indeed necessary to ensure that a policy remains efficient in time, to take contextual information into consideration to dynamically refine the policy, with the objectives of governance, risk management and compliance.

PREDYKOT is targeting the markets where security is crucial, such as cloud computing, large and mission-critical systems, Identity & Access Management, Professional Mobile Radio, mobile Near Field Communication equipments and services. The main innovative result will be the creation of a suite of software modules to dynamically improve a security policy and keep it on track:

  • reasoning engines on users’ activity, on policy changes, on contextual information;
  • smart nodes, as actuators or sensors towards the information system;
  • Interface with Security Information and Event Management solutions;
  • Deep Packet Inspection;
  • fusion of distributed data and data management;
  • feedback modules for feedback on the security policy, either directly or via a workflow;
  • steering dashboard.


In addition, methodology guidelines will be created to help deploy the PREDYKOT ecosystem in a realistic and pragmatic manner. These guidelines will span from the methodology principles used when designing a policy, the business aspects, the deployment of the technical infrastructure, up to the everyday steering of the policy using metrics for governance, risk management and compliance.

The project will also address the standardization space. As a result of the theoretical research work done in the project, PREDYKOT will propose extensions to standards, or use cases for the utilization of the security management standards, in the domains of semantic representation of a generic policy, security metrics, policy deployment methodology such as ISO 27001 or EBIOS and reasoning languages. To achieve these objectives, PREDYKOT brings together major European industrial actors in the security area with an extensive experience in the related subjects addressed by the project. Partners will exploit in return the tangible outcomes of the project in their respective business lines.