Law enforcement situation awareness is critical in complex, highly dynamic environments. State and local authorities, such as policemen and firemen, need trust and reliable information via richer media such as video to help them in their day to day missions.

The aim of SPY project is to design, develop and test a new automated, intelligent surveillance and rescue framework adapted to mobile environment and public safety force needs. This mobile aspect implies to define embedded intelligent solutions in order to minimize the amount of information to transmit over the wireless networks by offering discriminate on the field services for alerted situation detection (stolen objects, behaviour, tracking and identification).

The SPY project will address these concerns by adapting and extending state-of-the art algorithms (video/audio) that normally exist as PC-based implementations to mobile and unpredictable contexts; and by seaming these algorithms with a rules engine and an ontology that will form a standalone software core that will detect, understand and take action on happenings in the environment.

The SPY project will also define and implement a new protocol to ensure integrity, adaptive compression and encapsulation of metadata in order to provide a trust and interoperable wireless media needed in such environment.

A secondary objective of SPY is to define new adaptive interaction solution to present to the user a comprehensive and intuitive picture of the incident adapted to his context.
All SPY achievements will be demonstrated in a real trial with final end user participation.