Engineering Services and Consulting


CTech is a high-tech company that has brought together specialists with profound experience in the areas of;

  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Satellite Communication
  • Network Packet Processing and Cyber Defense
  • Video Streaming
  • Enterprise Network and Security Solutions
  • RF Stealth and Radar Technologies
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Embedded System Design and Development

Having the corporate level experience complemented with the capabilities and background of CTech employees, we’re flexible to present engineering and consultancy services for various needs of customers such as;

  • Analysis and reporting of Radar Cross-Section (RCS) performance of platforms (aircrafts, ships, missiles, land based platforms)
  • System conceptualization
  • Identifying key technical features
  • Detailed design
  • Performance analysis and reporting
  • Project auditing and consultation

Corporate Solutions

In each and every day more corporate opts for advancing its infrastructure and process flows into network-centric manner. That requires caring about security, integrity and interoperability between components which is called system of systems. Emerging from deep experience and capabilities, CTech is able to provide reliable solutions for such integrated, network-enabled and interactive enterprise infrastructures. As each enterprise has its own characteristics and requirements for such environments, our core advantage is to provide custom and compliant solutions in the design and integration of;

  • Secure networks
  • IT backbones
  • Managed services (network & internet security, communication, multimedia services)
  • Unified communication
  • Satellite communication (VSAT networks, ground terminals)

The need for higher volume of data and information share between departments, companies and systems bears the necessity for more bandwidth as well as optimization in the utilization of existing bandwidths. The other critical issue is the control of the information flow and taking the necessary measures to protect the possible vulnerabilities in such globally networked systems and telecommunication.

CTech references in such corporate level solutions include:

  • Design and integration of IT backbone, communication infrastructure and video conferencing system of company headquarters.
  • Design and integration of centrally managed internet security service infrastructure for internet service (cable and ADSL) providers.
  • Provision of network security systems for more than 50 companies.
  • Design and integration of wide area video surveillance network over cable and wireless network infrastructure