Embedded Systems Design

Embedded Design

Our embedded system capabilities have strong background as follows

  • Hardware & software co-design capability
  • Analog and digital electronic circuit design, DSP and FPGA based digital systems development as well as IF/RF design in compliance with EMC/EMI standards .
  • Embedded software development in compliance with ISO IEC 12207 software development life cycle
  • Using an embedded real time OS (such as Linux) for ARM etc computing platforms
  • VHDL development capability for Xilinx, Actel, Altera FPGAs
  • Embedded software development for TI, ADI DSPs and ARM processors
  • TEMPEST design capability.
  • Advanced PCB design up to 20 layers by using novel electronic design software.
  • State of the art development and test infrastructure that contains advanced measurement and development systems such as spectrum, network and logic analyzers, development environment for different TI&ADI DSPs and FPGA design and implementation, arbitrary waveform generators and bit error rate analyzers, satellite link emulator..