Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation

As Modeling and Simulation (M&S) is an emerging field of technology that helps enterprises to save valuable resources through predictive simulation, CTech has in-depth experience on M&S of C2 systems, methodology and its applications. More specifically, we have hands on experience covering;


  • M&S development paradigms (event based, discrete time, continuous, constructive, man–in-the loop)
  • Distributed simulation technologies (HLA, DIS)
  • Simulation data analysis and optimization
  • Decision support modeling
  • Battlefield management modeling
  • Resource planning and optimization
  • Radar systems modeling and simulation
  • Voice and communication modeling and simulation

A well-established M&S environment provides many services such as what-if analysis, bottleneck identification, fault propagation analysis and handling, and operator training. The flexible and reusable modeling and simulation framework which is independent of the application domain and the proprietary of CTech allows to faster development of new simulation applications.

On this front, the range of CTech’s modeling and simulation systems/products portfolio includes:

  • Air Defense Modeling and Simulation System
  • High-Fidelity Radar Signal Generator Simulator
  • Radar Test Simulator
  • Aircraft Communication and Cue Modeling and Simulation
  • Agent Based Simulation Framework