Screenshot_2SAHA Istanbul which is the association of defence and Aerospace clusters, was founded by the scope of  Teknopark Istanbul on March 17, 2015. The important purpose of the association is increasing the synergies and cooperations between the companies which provides services in the field  of aviation and aerospace.

Today, SAHA Istanbul is focused on becoming more efficient in the regard of competition and is guided to make a difference in the field of  technology  products and projects in the international arena.

Dr. Cuneyd Fırat who is the General Manager of C TECH and also Vice Chairman of SAHA Istanbul, will be the speaker in The Turkey Defence Week 2015,  which is sponsored of IRN, and  will take a place on 10-12 November in Ankara.

He will be wishing to present  the   vision,objectives and current situations of SAHA Istanbul to  senior military professionals, goverment Ministers and  public & private sector managers who is interested in  space, technology and aerospace strategy .